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Inspired by her love of Christian fiction and her desire to encourage women in their faith and friendships, Tonya combines her gift of storytelling and her sense of humor to bring authentic characters and uplifting plots to life. With wit and wisdom gained through both fun-filled and humbling experiences, she easily connects with her readers, drawing them into an imaginative world of life, love, and laughter. Having spent her childhood and teen years in Phoenix, Arizona, Tonya has called Nashville, Tennessee her home throughout her adult life. She and her husband, Scott, have three grown children and a new puppy named Kona. If you're looking for Tonya, you'll probably find her on the front porch.

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Tonya Weeks: Wife, Mom, Christ-Follower, Dog-Lover, and Women's Faith-Based Novelist

Tonya Weeks: Wife, Mom, Christ-Follower, Dog-Lover, and Women's Faith-Based Novelist


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Looking for good, clean, inspirational women's novels? Do you love reading books that uplift your heart? Welcome to Ivory Shores! Let Author/Novelist, Tonya Weeks, take you on a memorable trip to the beach with Suzannah and her friends! Ivory Shores is a 3-book series that centers around fun, friendship, faith, and all the feels. (Book Reviews follow this section.)

Book One

Join Suzannah and her friends on a beach trip to Ivory Shores! An unlikely group of six vastly different women journey together to a secluded, southern beach known as Ivory Shores. Not one of them knows just how much impact she will have on the others through the life experiences she brings with her into their tiny beach house. As friendships grow, bonds strengthen, and individual stories unfold, each woman – no matter how bold, bitter, or broken her heart is – begins to find her own place in the great story of healing and restoration that God is writing.

Book Two

Suzannah and her friends return in this highly-anticipated second book of the Ivory Shores series. The bonds of friendship that were formed in that lovely pink cottage on the beach of Ivory Shores continue to grow stronger as the women support one another through the highs and lows of the upcoming year. Circumstances, beyond anyone’s control, force the group to question if there will ever be a reunion trip to Ivory Shores. As they seek to understand God’s will, they are each faced with difficult decisions. Will they live in disappointment, heartbreak, and anger, or will they choose to embrace the gifts of second chances, contentment, and joy?


Readers Love Ivory Shores!



Ivory Shores is a story of six women at various stages in their lives who go on a girls' trip to the beach. It incorporates real life situations with humor, drama and faith. I found it to be an easy read from the first page. It kept my attention and it was difficult to put down. I love the way the author slowly developed each character’s personality so the reader got to know them. Their personalities were genuine and someone the reader could identify with. The underlying issue throughout the entire book was how God has a plan for each person’s life and that He loves each of us and He created us to have a personal relationship with Him. It is a story of God’s grace and redemption, intertwined with stories of friendship and love.


I loved this book and I think you will too. Six women travel to the beach together, getting to know each other and sharing the struggles and triumphs of life. The characters are relatable and the message is uplifting. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll want to plan your own girls’ trip to the beach!


I read until I was bleary eyed and couldn't read any longer. I became so involved with the characters that I had a hard time putting it down. I didn't want it to end and can't wait for Book Two.


If you're looking for a book that you don't want to put down and keeps your interest from the beginning and asking when book 2 will be released, then you'll love this book. God spoke to me through each one of these women. A must read!


I loved this story of six women in very different stages of life who laugh, cry, love and bond in a tiny beach cottage in beautiful Ivory Shores. I found myself doing my own laughing, crying, loving and bonding with the characters as I identified with each of them. Who among us hasn't wanted to be a blessing, or longed to be loved, felt envy, or experienced heartbreak or fear? The women of Ivory Shores will take you through all these emotions and more as they find hope and community through God's amazing power and love.


Sometimes I just want to read a book for just easy reading while relaxing with a cup of coffee at 5:00 in morning. This is that book. Think about it, what would you and some Godly women do for a week at the beach? God can do a lot at the beach in a week. Read what He is doing in these women's hearts and lives.


I really enjoyed this book! The characters were real and vulnerable. The dynamics between them were captivating. Can’t wait for Books Two and Three!

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The Story Behind the Story

How Did This Happen?!

When you ask God to fill your idle time and He immediately drops a 3-book series into your lap... that's what happened to me in the summer of 2017, and I haven't looked back since! It has been an incredible journey as the Author of the Universe has guided my every word! You can find my extended "Story Behind the Story" written on the last page of Book One. Scroll up to order your own copy!

Announcements from Tonya

Book Three is currently being written, and is scheduled to release in Summer 2019!


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